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As more companies continue to run from home, and video calls becoming just as regular, if not more, than in-person meetings, a good business broadband connection has never been more crucial.

Whether you’re a start-up business or established company you need lightning fast, reliable internet for boosted productivity and overall success. Quickline fuses innovative technologies to deliver lightning-fast internet that is built to suit your business, regardless of how remote you’re located.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, we’ll be sorry to see you go and encourage feedback that will help us to further improve our service. If you do leave, any hardware that you purchased is yours to keep. If you rent your hardware as part of a monthly service, it is your responsibility to return it to us. There’s also the option of paying a small charge for having an engineer visit to de-install everything and remove the hardware.

Yes, if desired you can connect to a compatible wireless router or another network LAN device.

We’ve designed our systems with the UK’s highly changeable weather in mind. This means that gusty winds, heavy rainfall, summer heat, thick snow and other conditions should have little to no impact on our service delivery. In the event that service is slowed temporarily, your system will automatically return to normal as soon as the extreme weather has run its course.

Yes, it covers downloads and uploads.

Speeds depend on how many other users are online at a given time. For example, evenings are always the busiest periods, so this could affect speeds a little. However, we do everything we can to guarantee great speeds, plus the Fair Access Policy (FAP) is designed to manage traffic and deliver the best quality of service for every customer.

Your data limit depends on which package you choose. If you find that you need more data each month, upgrading is fast, easy and affordable.

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6,700 connected customers.
Our network stretches 196 miles North to South and 178 miles East to West.
1,004 positive customer reviews.
1,270 holiday home connections.
1,100 business connections.
Our highest mast is 45 metres.
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120 employees.