About Us

Superfast Anywhere - to bring affordable and reliable Superfast internet and associated services to 100% of homes, businesses and equipment within our rapidly expanding coverage area.

100% Uptime – to make constant high availability connectivity available to businesses where the internet is mission critical.

Made to Measure – to design and build services in mobile phones and data, fixed telecoms and connectivity to suit the specific situation rather than the other way round.

Quickline is a company built around its customers, the team, a high-quality network and multiple opportunities for growth. These characteristics are central to our Vision for the business.

We want Quickline to be a highly valued business by: the customers we serve, the communities in which we operate and the quality and commitment of the members of our own team. The following elements describe our aspirations:

Wanted and needed by every stakeholder
The provider of choice for customers, the employer people want to work for and a business that local authorities and communities welcome.

Quickline innovates, others imitate
At the forefront of possibilities, adding value for our customers and the first to offer something new every time.

Growth through personal service
Ensuring the service remains personal, highly reactive and proactive.

Earning trust and loyalty from customers, colleagues and communities
We want Quickline to be a company that earns trust and respect through everything we do. We want to be a business that customers, colleagues and communities have pride in and are loyal to.

Our customers are our marketeers, treat them fairly and with respect.

Create a fun, productive working environment that inspires success amongst the team.

Leverage technologies and build business models to connect any site or person regardless of geographic or demographic situation.

Quickline invests heavily in R&D. Telecommunications is one of the fastest moving sectors in the world but is creating a digital divide between the easy to reach and service and those who need something different like 100% uptime or rural connectivity. This requires innovation and an in depth understanding of emerging and mainstream technologies.

This pioneering approach was recognised by BDUK, part of The Department for Culture, Media and Sport where Quickline has developed and piloted a number of projects to date including the largest of the BDUK Phase 3 pilots with over £2M of grant funding completed in Jan 2016.

Quickline adheres to the social responsibility framework of ISO 26000 which includes the following key areas:

Our move to financial backed SLAs is recognition that the performance issues within our product set can impact others. We will now share this financial risk. This is the first part of our plan to increase our accountability in a strategy of continuous improvement.

Where possible, standard pricing will be publicised along with the SLAs to show how we have performed against our KPIs. The purpose of this is to create an environment where all customers and potential customers will be treated fairly and consistently.

Ethical behaviour
Actions such as bribery will not be tolerated and an internal policy has been created to highlight this. Sales processes will be open, honest and consistent regardless of the actions of competitors or other third parties.

Respect for wider stakeholder groups
Coverage and targeted customers will not be based purely on financial return. Social and geographical inclusion for all is Quickline’s aim.

Respect for the rule of law and regulating bodies

Respect for international and specific groups’ norms of behaviour and traditions

Respect for human rights