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Quickline is on a mission to connect communities suffering from slow speeds and unreliable broadband.

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We know how important good connectivity is for businesses and so we make it our business to help those located in rural and hard-to-reach places get the online capability they need to thrive.

We caught up with Steve Burnett at Ellers Farm Distillery in Stamford Bridge, North Yorkshire to hear their story.

Tell us a bit about your business and what you do.

We make the very best vodka in the most sustainable way, by distilling British apples at our bespoke facility at Stamford Bridge near York. Our range also includes gins, liqueurs and will shortly add a very exciting whisky distilled from a special porter style beer in partnership with Theakstons.

How important is fast and reliable broadband to your business?

Any business these days finds high quality internet connectivity to be essential for running a business. With video conferencing and cloud-based systems we are particularly reliant on this.

What was your previous broadband experience like?

We are on an isolated farm in the North Yorkshire countryside, so access to conventional wired connections was not possible, and we had simply outgrown the bandwidth available from the previous wireless service. Video conferencing had become near impossible and systems were regularly hanging.

Why did you choose Quickline?

Quickline are a local business and were recommended to us. We were delighted with the investment they had made in their infrastructure that could readily service us with a high speed wireless 5G internet at relatively short notice.

Tell us about the service you receive from Quickline.

Servicing such a rural location is never straight forward and we were after a dual 5G and legacy back up service to provide full resilience. The Autumn storms threw several challenges our way and line of sight for the legacy back up system was not immediately available, but Quickline escalated the challenge up through the business and did not give up. This tenacity has meant we now have high speed broadband with seamless failover to a backup broadband.

How has Quickline helped your business?

We have already doubled the size of our team in the first quarter of 2024 and the improved bandwidth has been invaluable. We could not operate without high quality connectivity.

What advice would you give to other businesses struggling with connectivity and would you recommend Quickline?

I would absolutely recommend Quickline. They were prompt in the initial set up and responded positively to the challenges that subsequently presented themselves.

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