Northallerton Equestrian Centre

A leading equestrian centre in North Yorkshire says superfast broadband has revolutionised its business.

“We are a busy equestrian competition centre and when things buffer all the time it’s a nightmare. As part of our Affiliation agreements with sporting governing bodies we need to do so much online and we were constantly having to print and back things up because otherwise we would lose everything. For instance, it is compulsory to live score during events and we struggled to do that before. Now, with Quickline, it’s a breeze and it’s so much less stressful. You even see people watching the results go up live on their phone.

“You really don’t know what you haven’t had until you’ve got it! All our competitors can jump on the wifi now, children can do their homework in the cafe while their siblings are riding. First aid and other training courses we need to do can also be accessed easily online. Previously we had to physically go to a venue to do the training, so it cuts down on time and travelling too. Meanwhile, all the meetings with governing bodies are on zoom now, we couldn’t have done any of those, unless we travelled somewhere else and used someone else’s wi-fi!

“Just having fast, reliable connectivity makes our lives so much easier. It’s seamless and it finally means we can run a business that is fit for the 21st century. Whatever we want to do, it works! Looking ahead, it also opens up future business opportunities for us. It’s such an exciting time and we are so thankful to Quickline for taking the time to understand what we needed and delivering beyond our expectations.”

Hayley Silvester, Quickline’s customer liaison, said:

“This is a perfect example of how Quickline works with our customers in order to get the best possible outcome for them. Rural North Yorkshire has been neglected by other service providers for far too long and that’s why we, as part of Connected Yorkshire, in partnership with NYnet and North Yorkshire County Council, are determined to connect forgotten communities with superfast broadband and ensure that no-one is left behind.”

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