Quickline stands by our price freeze as Ofcom review price hikes by other providers

Ofcom has today launched a review to examine inflation-linked, mid-contract price rises that many providers impose on their customers.

Sean Royce CEO of Quickline

The regulator says they are “concerned about the degree of uncertainty customers face about future price rises specified in contracts on the basis of inflation”.

We know the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on homes and businesses and we’re proud to stand by our pledge to customers that the price they sign up to will be the price they pay for 24 months.

With our price freeze guarantee, there is no risk of increased bills, unlike the price hikes being brought in mid-contract by other providers such as BT who have confirmed an increase of more than 14%.

While Ofcom research has found a third of mobile and broadband customers don’t know whether their provider can increase their price, our broadband customers have absolute certainty that we will not.

Sean Royce, our CEO said: “We believe we have a part to play not just in providing fast and reliable broadband to our customers but also a service they can afford.”

“We’re urging people in the areas we serve who are worried about price rises to get in touch. We’re here to give them the service they deserve at an affordable, fixed price they can trust.”

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