Quickline brings full fibre broadband to Flixborough

We’re connecting residents and businesses in a North Lincolnshire village with game-changing full fibre broadband.

fibre broadband flixborough

Flixborough is the latest rural community we’re providing with lightning-fast, reliable broadband.

It means almost 200 homes and more than 400 businesses in the village will have access to fibre broadband for the first time.

Half of the households in the area pre-registered their interest in taking a Quickline service and, with the infrastructure for our rollout in place, the first customers are now being connected.

Homes and businesses in Flixborough who join our network will see typical broadband downloads increase from just 17 Mbps to gigabit-enabled speeds.

The rollout is part of our ongoing programme to bring high-speed broadband to outlying communities, including in North Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire and North and West Yorkshire.

We’re delivering “broadband for the better” to homes and businesses in rural communities through a market-leading hybrid network, combining fibre and fixed wireless broadband.

Flixborough features a mixture of village homes and commercial and industrial premises, with many based on Flixborough Industrial Estate.

The fibre rollout will mean residents living in Lodge Lane, High Street and Burton Road in Flixborough can enjoy all the benefits of fast and reliable broadband, including streaming, online gaming and video calling family and friends. The fibre service will also extend to the neighbouring hamlet of Normanby.

Chris Akrill, our Head of Fibre Operations, said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer fibre in Flixborough, which will transform how this community uses the Internet.

“With the mixture of residential properties and businesses in the village, our fibre service is the ideal solution to meet the needs of all users in the area.

“Having fast and easy internet access is now an essential part of daily life and we’re here to ensure it’s a reality for rural internet users. Our rollout in Flixborough is yet another example of Quickline delivering on our mission to reach communities that have been left behind by other providers.

“We want to ensure residents and businesses in Flixborough have the most robust and reliable connections and high speeds, while also bringing improved internet access to many other communities.”

Flixborough residents Edwin Koert and partner Filipa Felix welcomed our rollout of fibre broadband and said it would make a huge difference to residents and businesses.

Edwin said: “We’re absolutely delighted to join Quickline’s eagerly-awaited fibre network and we’re convinced it will be a massive success.

“Everyone is really happy about the rollout. Our address is in a blackspot with every provider. If I’m watching YouTube and my partner is making a WhatsApp call, my picture freezes. It has been terrible.

“Fibre will definitely be a game-changer for the community and we’re looking forward to having a good service.

“We’ve heard from other residents that Quickline’s installation team is professional and efficient and we’re looking forward to being connected soon.”

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