International Women’s Day 2023

international womens day 2023

Today we’re marking International Women’s Day by celebrating the women working at Quickline and all that they achieve every day.

We have a brilliant team here and are very proud of how we collaborate, with shared goals, working together to succeed.

There are many inspirational women working at Quickline and across the telecoms industry as a whole.

Women make up one in four of our team which is higher than the UK tech industry average of 21.6%, according to official data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

To celebrate International Women’s Day, a group of our colleagues came together to embrace equity and talk about their experiences in the workplace and how they feel about life at Quickline.

Claire Hickey, Quickline’s HR Director said: “We wanted to mark International Women’s Day by showcasing just some of the incredible women that work at Quickline.

“Listening to them share their individual stories and experiences is fantastic and it is great to hear the positive comments about working here.

“Diversity and inclusion are vital for any business to succeed, ‘everybody matters’ is one of our values and we must keep that at the forefront of our minds to continue to succeed together.”

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