Cellnex UK and Quickline partnership brings access to lightning fast broadband to 53,000 more properties

Cellnex UK and rural internet providers Quickline Communications are celebrating providing access to lightning fast broadband to 53,000 more homes and businesses in the first year of their partnership.

lightning fast broadband

Last year, the two firms joined forces in a deal that allowed Quickline to use Cellnex UK’s towers and infrastructure to install equipment to deliver lightning fast broadband to properties in isolated areas across the north of England, including remote communities in the North Yorkshire moors.

As the UK’s largest independent infrastructure provider, Cellnex UK also serves the Emergency Services, Wind Farms, RADAR and utility providers, underlining how vital connectivity is to everyone in the 21st century.

The milestone comes as national Get Online Week begins in the UK; a campaign ran by Good Things Foundation that aims to reduce digital exclusion and encourage people to develop their digital skills. With more than 1 in 20 households having no form of internet access, partnerships like Cellnex UK and Quickline’s are crucial in closing the digital divide in the UK.

Paul Stonadge, Commercial Director, Cellnex UK, said: “Cellnex UK is integral to the successful roll-out of wireless connectivity throughout the UK. We are working with key partners such as Quickline to deliver connectivity and services that contribute to socio-economic growth and help us bring connectivity to everyone, everywhere in the UK.”

Mark Seward, Director of Fixed Wireless Operations for Quickline, said: “We have now commissioned 50 of Cellnex UK’s sites where we will install our technology and are actively looking to identify further sites in the future.  At this point,  we can connect over 53,000 more properties and tens of thousands more homes and businesses will have lightning fast capability over the next few years.”

As a hi-tech company at the forefront of 5G rollout, Quickline says it’s important for companies to work together when they can, to mitigate climate change as well as to speed up the rollout to rural communities.

Mark Seward continued: “By using existing masts and towers, we ensure we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.  As a company, we are always mindful of our environmental impact when planning and building our own  infrastructure, so if we can collaborate with other firms we will do.  That’s why our partnership with Cellnex is an important factor in our overall business strategy. It also means that we can speed up the rollout of lightning fast broadband to our customers because we do not have to always build brand new masts from scratch.  In addition, by making those savings, we can invest in other areas with poor connectivity and little infrastructure.”

Quickline now serves over half a million homes, to discover if you are able to connect today please click here.

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