Quickline stands firm: Our prices are frozen until 2025 amid rising broadband costs

We’re making a stand against rising broadband costs, offering our customers a resolute price freeze until March 2025.

say no to broadband price increases

While other major internet service providers squeeze their customers with price hikes, we remain steadfast in our commitment to affordability.

Despite inflation-linked increases reaching a staggering 14% last year and another surge of up to 8% this April, we refuse to succumb to escalating costs.

What’s more, along with a guaranteed price until 2025, when you sign up for broadband from Quickline, there are two unmissable offers to choose from, saving you even more money.

Embark on a journey with us and seize one of two epic deals. Either enjoy Quickline broadband free for three months or free yourself from your current contract and choose free until you’re contract-free, with Quickline installing our service to your home for the remainder of your existing contract at zero expense to you.

Now is the time to free yourself from unreliable providers and embrace our unwavering dedication to rural connectivity – say no to rising broadband costs!

Sean Royce, CEO here at Quickline, said: “We are laser-focused on providing fast and reliable broadband to rural and hard-to-reach communities across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Everyone deserves to be able to get online and enjoy their best digital lives, no matter where they live. And importantly, we want to ensure the connectivity cost is affordable.

“We have said for a long time that price hikes are not fair, they are not appropriate, and they are not right, more so than ever before with the cost-of-living crisis when every penny counts.

“Consumers need the reassurance that the price they sign up for is the price they will pay, in pounds and pence and for the full duration of their contract.

“Last year we reaffirmed our price freeze, removing the fear of cost hikes for our customers at a time when major broadband providers significantly increased their tariffs – many by far more than inflation.

“Our pledge to freeze prices until 2025 is a testament to our unwavering dedication to affordability and accessibility. We invite customers to break free from the price hikes imposed by other major broadband providers and switch to Quickline, where the price you see is the price you pay, unequivocally, for the duration of your contract.”

Quickline is one of the UK’s fastest-growing broadband providers and is on a mission to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban areas across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Our broadband packages start at £29 per month for a 24-month contract. For details on all the deals and to find out if Quickline broadband is available in your community, visit here.

With fast speeds, reliable connection and a price guarantee that will stand the test of time, Quickline empowers communities with the digital lifelines they deserve.

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