We’ve fixed our prices as consumers are warned to prepare for broadband price increases

There are many reasons why broadband price may go up; infrastructure investment, technological advancements, competition in the market and more.

Consumers are warned to brace for broadband price increases Header

But the main reason for the increased broadband price is usually inflation and so rising costs don’t necessarily guarantee an improved internet service for consumers.

In April 2023, millions of customers saw their broadband price increase by up to 15% due to high inflation. This was on top of the cost-of-living crisis already causing significant concern for many at that time.

How to avoid annual price rises?

Although inflation can cause broadband prices to increase due to the impact on the overall economy, it’s important to know that price increases are not uniform across all providers or regions. Different broadband providers respond differently to inflation, based on their own financial situations, market conditions and pricing strategies.

We encourage customers to evaluate the value they get from their broadband provider to make informed decisions based on their needs and budgets.

If you’re no longer under contract, there’s no obligation to be automatically signed up for a more expensive rate, as you should be able to exit without paying a penalty.

No-contract broadband packages allow you to cancel at any time with just 30 days’ notice and no termination fees, offering flexibility with no strings attached.

How to avoid mid-contract price rises?

Providers can increase prices mid-contract by the rate of inflation plus an extra amount on top! To avoid any nasty surprises you can:

  • Check the terms and conditions of your broadband contract carefully for price escalation clauses that could be tied to inflation, market conditions or regulatory changes.
  • Opt for a fixed-term agreement with a clearly defined pricing structure. A fixed-term contract means the price stays the same for the duration of the contract.
  • Negotiate long-term agreements by asking your provider to lock in the price of a longer-term contract.

At Quickline, we’ve pledged to make no price increases for two years and a ‘pay for what you use’ system. This means our customers don’t need to worry about unexpected price hikes during their contract. We also offer contract free packages with no cancellation fees so that you can love us or leave us anytime you like!

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