When can I upgrade to full fibre broadband and will it make a difference?

full fibre broadband

Many households reach a breaking point. Buffering, connection dropouts, and unreliable Wi-Fi signal become too much to handle.

Have you ever experienced the disruption of slow broadband? If so, it’s likely that your household wants you to switch to a faster and more reliable full fibre connection.

If your home internet connection is outdated, stick around to learn if and how you can upgrade your broadband.

Can I upgrade to full fibre broadband?

The UK Government has set an ambitious target to roll out full fibre broadband to 85% of home’s in the country by 2025.

The good news is that 50% of homes in the UK can now access full fibre broadband, so the chances of upgrading have increased from just 19.19% back in 2020.

You can use a broadband postcode checker to see if fibre broadband is live in your area and if so, what packages are available.

If fibre broadband isn’t live in your area, you can fill out a form to register your interest and increase the demand for faster and more reliable broadband in your area.

Why Can’t I Get Fibre Broadband In My Area?

If fibre broadband isn’t available in your area, you may have to wait until it is rolled out. It’s worth checking regularly as full fibre broadband is being rolled out across the UK at a rapid pace.

Unfortunately, some areas may not be covered by fibre broadband for a while.

In areas where it is costlier to set up fibre optic cables such as remote or rural regions, people may need to look into other options such as 5G Fixed Wireless Access. 5G FWA can be a huge improvement from your current connection, but it still isn’t as dependable as full fibre broadband.

Standard Vs Fibre Broadband

When you upgrade to fibre broadband, you’ll benefit from faster download and upload speeds, more reliable connections and a stronger Wi-Fi signal.

This can make a huge difference to your home broadband experience and make everyday tasks like streaming or working from home much easier.

Fibre broadband is ideal for family homes and businesses since it offers faster speeds and better reliability than standard broadband. It’s also better suited for activities like streaming and gaming since it can handle multiple users and heavy data usage with ease.

Find out more about the difference between fibre and standard broadband or the difference between fibre and full fibre.

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