What is the difference between fibre and full-fibre broadband?

difference between fibre and full fibre

If you already have fibre broadband you may be wondering what impact ‘full fibre’ has and whether it’s the right product for you.

You may not have even known there was any difference between fibre and full fibre at all.

Stick around to find out about the difference between fibre and full fibre broadband, or take a look at our latest case studies to see how our customers are already reaping the benefits of switching to a full fibre connection.

What is part fibre broadband?

Part fibre broadband also known as ‘fibre to the cabinet’, means that your fibre optic broadband only travels part of the way to your home or premises before travelling the rest of the way through copper phone cables. 

The problem with fibre to the cabinet or ‘FTTC’ connections is that it’s still reliant on the ageing copper network which is due to be decommissioned in 2025. Still, not everyone is aware that it isn’t long before copper networks are completely phased out.

Part-fibre has been accepted into many homes across the UK due to the unavailability of full fibre. Ofcom statistics show that of September 2022 only 42% of homes in the UK can access full fibre broadband. 

Unfortunately, its rural users that are 3x more likely to be unable to access decent broadband, with rural internet speeds being a third slower than in urban areas.

The reason for this is that copper degrades the broadband signal over distance. So the longer the stretch of copper, the more your broadband will slow down. If you live a long way from your nearest cabinet then slow broadband is inevitable. 

The good news is that at Quickline we’re levelling up rural communities with faster and more reliable full fibre broadband, ensuring that no connection is left behind.

What is full fibre broadband?

Full fibre is also known as ‘fibre to the premises’ or ‘fibre to the home’, this means that your fibre optic broadband travels straight to your home without the need for any copper cables. It’s currently the UK’s fastest type of broadband technology. Offering speeds between 100Mbps-1 Gigabit.

The average rural broadband speed is 54 Mbps compared to 81 Mbps in urban areas. With most family homes needing between 100-400Mbps for a strong and reliable connection, more homes are switching to a full fibre connection.

Wondering what you can do with a full fibre connection?

  • Work from home without interruptions
  • Download software, apps, music and videos in seconds
  • The whole family can enjoy simultaneous internet usage
  • Play data-heavy video games
  • Stream in 4k Ultra HD   

Whether you use your internet for work or for leisure, we believe that every home should be entitled to living the digital life they deserve. Our 2023 rollout plan is to bring full fibre to over 55.0000 rural homes and businesses. Enter your postcode online to see if full fibre is live in your area: postcode checker

If not, you can sign up to be the first to know when full fibre is available to you.

Is it worth getting full fibre?

Whether it’s worth upgrading to full fibre depends on many factors such as what you use your internet for, how many people are going to connect to your internet and whether you’re looking to future-proof your broadband for when copper phone lines are eventually phased out.

The benefits of switching to full fibre include:

  • Fast and reliable broadband
  • No peak hour interruptions 
  • Synchronous download and upload speeds 
  • It is the most energy-efficient type of broadband 
  • It’s the future – no more digging for copper!

How is full fibre installed?

Our engineers will run a new fibre connection all the way to your premises.

Once everything is set up the engineers will ensure your fibre broadband is working properly and conduct a speed test. 

Your full fibre will then be live and ready to use straight away.

We don’t just leave it there though. You can call our technical or customer service team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you ever need to. 

Interested in full fibre?

Our 5* installation engineers offer a free home installation when you choose Quickline as your home broadband provider.

If we’re live in your area, our engineers can come to your house and get you connected quickly and straightforwardly. Give us a call on 01482 247365 to find out more or send us an enquiry online.

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