Welcoming Spring into Sutterton with Broadband in Bloom

Spring has sprung and we’ve been celebrating its arrival in Lincolnshire with floral tributes in a special Broadband in Bloom event.

Marking the launch of Quickline’s full fibre network in the village of Sutterton, we’ve been showcasing, Broadband in Bloom, the beauty and charm of the village with our stunning hand-crafted floral displays.

The Quickline team handed out crocheted flowers to locals and decorated pillar boxes with the pretty designs as well as created ornate grass verges across the village.

26 March 2024: Quickline Broadband in Bloom, Sutterton, near Boston, Lincolnshire. Picture by Sean SpencerHull News & Pictures Ltd

Julian Chalk, Head of Engagement and Enablement, said: “We wanted to spread the news that Quickline’s fast and reliable full fibre broadband is now available to this rural community but doing so in a bit of a different way and saying it with flowers.

“It was a great opportunity for our team to chat to residents about our service but also spread some cheer and celebrate the start of Spring.”

We’ll be blooming in more communities across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire over the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for our floral festivities.

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