Rural broadband provider welcomes Ofcom’s price hike ban to give consumers ‘peace of mind’

Today we welcome the move by Ofcom to ban mid-contract price hikes.

The UK communications regulator has announced the move following its review of the policy.

We have long been championing this change and are on the side of the consumer. There were no price increases from us for customers in 2023 and there will be none in 2024.

Sean Royce, our CEO, said: “We wholeheartedly welcome the move by Ofcom to ban unfair mid-contract price rises, in the interests of the consumer.

“We have said for a long time now that these hikes are not fair, they are not appropriate, and they are not right, more so than ever before with the cost-of-living crisis when every penny counts.

“Consumers need the reassurance that the price they sign up for is the price they will pay, in pounds and pence and for the full duration of their contract.

“Earlier this year we reaffirmed our two-year price freeze, removing the fear of cost hikes for our customers at a time when major broadband providers significantly increased their tariffs – many by far more than inflation.

“This announcement by Ofcom will go some way to providing that peace of mind.”

Quickline is on a mission to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban areas across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Sean spoke about mid-contract price increases and the need for Ofcom to get involved last month, you can watch the clip here.

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