Bringing Wi-Fi to your static caravan: Improving rural Wi-Fi

Whilst getting fast and reliable broadband isn't as straightforward in remote locations as it is in urban areas, here at Quickline we have our ways of ensuring reliable broadband for rural communities.

Bringing Wi-Fi To Your Static Caravan

Bringing Wi-Fi to a static caravan for a Holidaymaker is becoming more common, as they rely on various connected devices when they are on holiday.

Caravan parks have had to significantly enhance their broadband technology to ensure the satisfaction of their guests.

Quickline are here to unravel the secrets of bringing reliable broadband to your static abodes.

5G Fixed Wireless Access

To guarantee that all caravans on the site have a reliable internet connection, enhancing the Wi-Fi service provided by the caravan park is a clear solution.

5G fixed wireless access (FWA) broadband technology lets you access the internet without the need for a phone line or fibre optic cable. With 5G FWA technology, superfast broadband can reach caravan sites, enabling multiple devices to be used simultaneously in the same location without any interference.

Our 5ghz FWA technology can deliver speeds of up to 100Mbps to anyone within 8-10km of a Quickline radio mast. Meaning that every caravan within range can receive superfast broadband speeds completely wirelessly!

Alternative Options

Of course, not every caravan park will be able to offer its customers 5G FWA, so we have some top tips on what to do if the Wi-Fi your caravan park offers isn’t good enough for what you need.

1) Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is a wireless way to access the internet using a mobile phone network. Think of it as a Wi-Fi hotspot on wheels!

This method is also dependent upon you having a strong mobile signal, as it requires you to place a sim card into a mobile wifi router/ dongle.

To get the best signal strength, you may want to invest in an external antenna. We know it sounds like some top-secret spy gadget, but it’s just a booster for your mobile broadband signal. Stick it on your caravan’s roof, point it towards the nearest cell tower, and voilà – you’ve got yourself a turbocharged connection.

2) Satellite Internet

Even if your static caravan is placed amidst the wildest terrains beyond the reach of traditional internet options, fear not! We have a celestial solution for you: satellite internet.

Satellite internet is able to reach the places where cables can’t reach.

All you have to do is place a satellite dish in a clear view of the sky to the south. Just make sure to shop around for the best deal as many satellite packages come with data caps and fair usage policies.

3) Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

It may be that your caravan is in a location furthest away from the caravan park’s Wi-Fi point.

A mesh system can help you to extend the signal closer to you although it won’t be able to improve the actual speed of the connection.

Mesh Wi-Fi systems use multiple nodes to blanket your caravan with a strong and reliable internet signal. It’s like casting a magic net that ensures Wi-Fi reaches every nook and cranny. No more dead zones or dreaded buffering circles – hallelujah!

Can Broadband Be Installed In My Caravan?

As specialists in providing rural broadband, we may be able to offer you multiple different options to get broadband installed in your caravan/holiday home.

Contact Quickline here to see if you’re within our network.

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