Next generation internet service arrives in Doncaster

15 April 2021:
Gaming enthusiasts and residents across Doncaster can now experience for the first time, a whole new level of ultrafast gaming with access to full fibre broadband live and direct in their homes, following the launch of an all-new product set to transform internet connectivity in the town.

Specialist broadband provider Quickline Communications is debuting Quickfire, its first-ever gigafast fibre range which guarantees true high-end capabilities of up to 900Mbps.
The introduction of this premium offer is set to be an exciting development for Doncaster. Built with gaming in mind, Quickfire hopes to rank top of the leader board among gamers who can enjoy superior, lag-free play, while ultrafast connectivity across multiple devices will relieve common frustrations of modern family living and home working.

Quickfire’s credentials are optimised for productivity, with no data limits and coverage throughout the home. It also offers a new, unmissable streaming experience that other big-name brands have been unable to deliver.

Steve Jagger, CEO of Quickline, said:

“We are really proud to be installing Quickfire in our first location of Doncaster; a place where superfast, reliable service is in great demand.

“We understand the challenges people are facing with sub-standard broadband and the disappointment and disruption felt from not receiving the quality they deserve.

“Quickfire is an exciting, next generation product which creates optimal gaming, browsing and streaming experiences. With the fibre fitted to the premises (FTTP), it’s the fastest type in the market,”
Steve said. “This sets us apart from our competitors in the area, as methods they employ are not fully fibre enabled, which results in significant limitations in what speeds can be achieved.

“It’s a wonderful privilege for Quickline to be sharing its most innovative product with as many premises possible. We’re sure Doncaster is ready for an internet service that does exactly what it says on the tin,” he added.

The launch of Quickline’s gigabit product is a huge step for the internet service supplier, which has taken the route of providing solutions for more complex connectivity needs namely in rural locations. However, this move into urbanised areas is testament to its industry-leading knowledge in advanced broadband technologies.

Quickline has also partnered with Club Doncaster – home of Doncaster Rovers, Doncaster Rovers Belles and Doncaster Rugby League – which are showing support in bringing the town up to speed with the new service.

Michael Kilby-Scott, business development manager at Club Doncaster said:

“Joining forces with Quickline was a very easy and exciting decision for us to make – it’s great to work with businesses and organisations that benefit the town of Doncaster and the local community.

“We’re sure that many of our partners and the wider community will be able to benefit from the provision of impressively fast broadband.

“Quickline coming to Doncaster shows us that our partnership model is the perfect tool for businesses. Its flexible mix of branding, marketing, social media, website and hospitality, along with our support creates the perfect mix to help our partners through the good times and the more challenging ones.”

To check for Quickfire availability in your area, please visit the postcode checker at

Quickfire by Quickline packages start from £40p/m and is available in Doncaster now. Key features include:

  1. Symmetrical speeds (upload and download) of up to 900Mbps
  2. 4k and 8k high-definition streaming
  3. Ultra-low latency (known as ping), no lagging and no data caps
  4. The Whole Home Coverage bolt-on can be added, where repeater routers can be place around the home for complete coverage