A life saver!

Connecting in East Stockwith

Chris Bainborough is an entrepreneur who owns a couple of businesses, one of which is Grosvenor House Care Home in East Stockwith, Lincolnshire. As is the case with many of our customers in villages and rural areas, Chris was having trouble with another main broadband supplier, receiving a connection speed that was unable to accommodate a modern business. Despite being given lots of excuses and reassured that the service would improve, he had to deal with speeds of just 1Mbps, which made even the simplest tasks such as sending emails a slow and clunky process.

Chris wasn't alone, as other companies in the village were suffering from slow speeds too. This really isn't acceptable in this day and age, as every type of business needs to know that it can work, share, collaborate and sell online quickly and efficiently. What's more, residents couldn't enjoy popular streaming sites such as Netflix, Now TV and Amazon Prime, rendering smart TVs a waste of money.

Luckily, Chris discovered Quickline and promptly got in touch with our helpful sales team. Unlike other providers, we constantly use innovation to solve problems, in this instance installing a mast at Chris's farming business. Whilst serving his home and companies, this mast is also connecting fifty other houses in the area with speeds of up to 50Mbps - fifty times their previous top speed.

Chris says: "Quickline's superfast broadband is very reliable and problems are rare. East Stockwith as a whole has hugely benefitted from this technology, and even local landlords can charge higher rent thanks to this addition."

A recent development at Grosvenor House Care Home is it entering into the NHS Digital system: "The connectivity is literally life-saving for us. Quickline have allowed us to be early adopters of the system, rather than fearing we might be left behind and literally can't run our businesses. I can't emphasise enough how important it is for us to stay connected."

He also adds: "Demographically, the village has become more sustainable. We would struggle to keep younger generations and families in the area without the connectivity provided by Quickline, and would in turn be looking at a downturn in population in the future. In fact, the quote from the local parish is 'sustainability is connectivity', as it's an absolute game changer."

Chris is now looking into fast response systems for the residents at Grosvenor House Care Home using pressure pads, all made possible by Quickline's fast, reliable and secure connectivity.

Whether you live in a bustling city or a secluded rural community, Quickline can deliver superfast internet anywhere. For a friendly chat about our wide-ranging services, please contact us on 01482 24-7-365 or email sales@quickline.co.uk and let us know what you need.