“Quickline has changed everything. It doesn’t matter how many of us are online at the same time, it just works”

We caught up with customer Rita Horsfall, who lives in the rural community of Midgley, West Yorkshire, with husband Des to find out how Quickline has transformed their online experience.

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Tell us about your community and what you love about it.

Midgley is in the Calder Valley, west of Halifax. We’ve lived in the village for the past two and a half years, but we have been in the valley all our lives. Midgley has amazing views of the valley and is a “proper” village as we would say. It’s a lovely community, we’ve got lots of friends in the village and everyone looks out for each other.

What do you and your family use the Internet for?

It’s all the usual things that you’d expect. We do some of our shopping online and use it to look things up. I’ve got two adult daughters who come here from time to time and when that happens there can be three of us all working from home at once.

How important to you is a fast and reliable home broadband connection?

Having good broadband is important to everyone these days. It doesn’t matter where you live – it’s just as important to people living in rural areas as anyone else. We rely on the internet for so many different things – it’s the quickest and easiest way to get things done.

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How would you describe your previous broadband service?

Quickline is the third provider we’ve had since we moved to Midgley. When we switched to our previous provider, it coincided with our internet usage going up and, as a result, the service we received was dreadful. You would be on a work video call and you would be constantly dropping out and having issues. It just didn’t work. When there were three of us working from home, it was very difficult. My office space is in the attic and the signal you’d get up there was awful.

What were the most frustrating things about your previous broadband experience?

The customer service we received from our old provider was the most frustrating thing. I’m not a tech-savvy person and, after sitting in a hold queue on the phone for a long time, someone would speak to you in language you just didn’t understand. I didn’t find them helpful and the final straw was when they wrote to us saying they were putting the price of our package up. It wasn’t just a small amount – it was significant.

Why did you choose Quickline?

It was funny how it came about, actually. Our previous provider had told us our price would be going up, so I was on my laptop looking at what other broadband options were out there. As I was doing that, there was a knock at the door and it was a person from Quickline. They didn’t do a hard sell or anything like that – they just let us know they were in the area and left us a leaflet with all the details. I sat down with my husband and we decided Quickline was the best option for us, so we got in touch and got set up.

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Tell us about the service you received from Quickline.

The service was superb. It was so refreshing to be able to pick up the phone and easily get hold of someone who can help you. They remained in touch right the way through the installation process and then getting online. They had a few challenges during the set-up, which is understandable considering where we live, but they were so determined to make it work for us. I can’t fault them.

How has Quickline changed your broadband experience?

It’s changed everything! I can now work comfortably in the attic and have had a three-hour- online meeting when the connection never dropped out or faltered once. It doesn’t matter how many of us are working at the same time – or who is doing what – it just works. When you have good broadband and everything works as it should, you almost forget it’s there. But that’s how it should be – it shouldn’t be something you have to worry about.

Would you recommend Quickline to family and friends?

I absolutely would – and in fact, I already have! We have a community village social media group and I made sure to tell everyone how good Quickline have been for us.

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